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Our variety of light industrial units across the whole of the UK make it swift to find a unit for you. Commercial People is constantly keeping up to date with the latest light industrial units, making it hassle free to find a unit for your requirements. Whatever light products you will be handling, we have the light industrial unit.

Discover the ideal light industrial unit

Enquire first about the perfect light industrial unit. Commercial People’s straight forward search features allow you to determine your search – So you can relax knowing that you will be provided with results only listing the light industrial types and sizes which you require.

The perfect sized light industrial unit

There are an endless range of industrial units. Different light industrial types and sizes have a variety of uses owing to the unlimited possibilities of products to manufacture. Use Commercial People’s quick search tool to uncover your size requirements and Commercial People will provide the results.

What to consider when renting a light industrial unit

Finding a light industrial unit to rent is simple. However, requirements and budgets should be kept in mind at all times. For instance, parking is an important consideration – How you will commute to the unit needs to be taken into account, as does whether space is required for large masses of deliveries or imports. Electricity and heating bills are also noteworthy when renting much larger units and operating machinery which consumes higher levels of power. Confirm all official checks have been made to decide whether a unit is suitable for you. When all considerations are made, you will find the perfect light industrial unit for you.

ommercial property classifications

Classification and permitted usage are crucial when seeking a light industrial unit to rent in London. Commercial People lists similar property types from warehouses to factories, so ensure you find the perfect light industrial unit you require. Classification affects how a rental property may be used, therefore it should be confirmed a unit permits for your intended use.

Why rent a light industrial unit?

Renting a light industrial unit has some pros over buying. Renting offers flexibility towards your needs and lets you relax with the knowledge that there will be no unexpected bills which could affect your budget. With rental terms, you may also only pay for the time you decide to spend manufacturing your products.

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